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What Is Wasaouro™?

Wasaouro™ is a material that ingeniously employs the antibacterial and antifungal powers found in nature to extend the freshness of foods.

Used for over 1000 years in the preparation of a variety of foods such as sushi and sashimi, wasabi (or Japanese horseradish) is known the world over as a Japanese condiment with a rich flavour and invigorating bite. In addition to its affinity with the Japanese palate, wasabi has another special trait: it possesses an antibacterial action that curbs the growth of bacteria and prevents the formation of mould on foods. Specifically, the volatile oil contained in wasabi a substance known as allyl mustard oil has a scientifically proven potent antibacterial action which can be used to extend the shelf-life of foodstuffs and similar materials. The antibacterial agent Wasaouro™ is the product of a research and development project that employed the latest technology and expertise to harness the antimicrobial activity of allyl mustard oil for the purpose of foodstuff preservation.

Wasaouro™ is currently used extensively in the areas of product quality maintenance and sanitary management for food products.

(Wasaouro™ is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi-Chemical Foods Corporation)

The Role of Wasaouro™ in a Total Sanitation System

  • Hygienic protection of the manufacturing site
    Prevents surface contamination of food products through adhesion of airborne bacteria.

  • Hygienic protection of the end product
    Even in the event of bacterial adherence, prevents putrefaction and lowers risk of food poisoning by preventing bacterial proliferation.

As Wasaouro™'s effective ingredient is itself a food additive, it is the ideal material for a total sanitation management system that starts working at the site of manufacture and continues doing so until the product is on the customer's table.

The Wasaouro™ Effect

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