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Fresh sweetness

Sweetness profile (conceptual chart)

Sensory evaluation of ERYTHRITOL

The degree of sweetness of ERYTHRITOL ranges between 70% and 80% that of sugar. Close to the sweetness of sugar, ERYTHRITOL has a fresh taste and the aftertaste does not linger.

The aftertaste of ERYTHRITOL disappears quickly, which gives it a fresh sweetness.

Improvement of taste

Sweetness profile when 0.4% Stevia is added

Use of ERYTHRITOL to improve sweetness

  • When used in combination with a high-intensity sweetener such as Stevia or aspartame, ERYTHRITOL helps improve the sweetener's taste.
  • Using ERYTHRITOL with sugar and fructose achieves a refreshing and non-lingering sweetness.
  • With a strong masking capacity, ERYTHRITOL is capable of reducing the bitterness and astringency of polyphenol, etc.
  • ERYTHRITOL has been shown to improve the flavor and taste of food items such as soft drinks, jelly, pickles, sauces and dressings.

Detailed test data on taste improvements with ERYTHRITOL are available.

Cool and fresh

*- (minus) means absorption of heat
*Source: New Knowledge about Sugar Alcohol (Food Chemical News)

Heat of dissolution in sweeteners

ERYTHRITOL absorbs a great deal of heat when dissolving. It spreads refreshing coolness throughout the mouth.

Using ERYTHRITOL helps make a new product from candy, tablet candy, chocolate, chewing gum and similar, which has a refreshing coolness.

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