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Privacy Policy

When the inquiry services of the Website are used, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation ( here in after the "MCC") may request that users register their names, e-mail addresses, addresses and other personal information.

Use of Customers' Personal Information

Customers' personal information provided through the Website is used when responding to inquiries. If it becomes necessary to use customers' personal information beyond the scope of this purpose, MCC will inform the customers in advance about the purpose of use. If the customers do not agree with the new purpose of use of the information, they may refuse such use at their discretion.

Disclosure of Customers' Personal Information

MCC will not disclose the personal information it receives from customers to any third parties, except in the cases provided below.

  1. 1.When MCC holds an agreement from the customers
  2. 2.When MCC discloses the information under conditions such that individual identities cannot be recognized
  3. 3.When MCC discloses the information within the scope necessary to achieve the intended use of the information to third parties, such as outsourcing companies with whom MCC has concluded a confidentiality agreement
  4. 4.When MCC becomes subject to the application of laws or receives legally binding requests

Inquiries Related to Personal Information

Please use the contact information below for inquiries regarding customers' personal information.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Use the form below to send us your inquiry or opinion.