Enzyme Preparation
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Category Product name Volume(package) Appearance Application
Amylase Kokulase™ 1kg(carton) powder Starch industries, Clarification aid of fruit juice, Confectionery & baking industries, Cereal processing
Kokulase™・G2 1kg(carton) powder Sake brewing
Cellulase Sclase™ C 1kg(carton) powder Processing of vegitable & fruit, Efficient release of plant components
Hemicellulase Sclase™ X 1kg(carton) powder Processing of vegitable & fruit, Efficient release of plant components, Confectionery & baking industries
Pectinase Sclase™ N 1kg(canister),
powder Improve clarification & filtrability of fruit juice, Clarification of wine
Sclase™ A 1kg(carton) powder Improve fermentation of distilled spirit, Decrease viscosity of fermentation broth, Improve clarification & filtrability of fruit juice
Invertase Invertase 10kg(cubitainer) liquid Invertion of sucrose to prevent it from crystallization
Protease Kokulase™・P 1kg(carton),
powder Protein hydrolysate, Confectionery & baking industries, Meat processing
Papain Refined papain 1kg(carton) powder Protein hydrolysate, Meat processing
Phospholipase A1 Phospholipase A1 1kg(carton),
10kg(fiber drum)
powder Lyzolecithin production, Purification of vegetable oil, Confectionery & baking industries
Tannase(English Chinese) Tannase 1kg(canister),
powder Prevent turbidity and precipitation in tea products
Dextranase Dextranase 2F 10kg(cubitainer),
liquid Dextran hydrolysate, Improvement of sugar yield

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