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In the sugar industry, one major problem is caused by damage to beet and cane tissue resulting from the formation of polysaccharides, in particular dextran, on reaction with contaminating microorganisms. The formation of dextran in the sugar manufacturing process not only hinders filtration, but also retards crystallization, elongates sugar crystals, and reduces sugar recovery.
DEXTRANASE 2F is derived from non-recombinant strains of Chaetomium gracile and is an endo-type dextranase, which exclusively hydrolyses the α-1,6-linkage of dextran and reduces the viscosity of the sugar juice rapidly and prevents sucrose crystal elongation. As DEXTRANASE 2F is a very stable enzyme at high temperatures, it is the best choice for the sugar manufacturing process.


DEXTRANASE 2F and its intended use of sugar manufacturing were positively evaluated by AFSSA in France and were designated as GRAS in the USA. They are also covered in an application for authorization in accordance with Regulation (EC) No.1332/2008.
DEXTRANASE 2F is authorized as a food additive in Japan, and has been used in the food industry for 35 years. It is the first dextranase established in the world.


Treatment of Raw Juice

When the dextran level in sugar juices exceeds 200 ppm in raw juice or at least 100 ppm in the second carbonation stage, dextran increases the viscosity of the sucrose solutions in the juice extraction and purification processes. As a result, processing capacity and yields are decreased and the plant may need to be shut down for equipment cleaning.
In practice, if DEXTRANASE 2F is applied continuously to raw juice, which is the earliest possible processing step, the production of viscous substances is inhibited at an early stage of formation.

Treatment of High Brix Syrup

In the presence of high Brix (60-65º) syrup, DEXTRANASE 2F demonstrates extended thermal stability. This excellent thermal stability allows the enzyme to be added in the last stage of the multiple effect evaporator.

Sugar Refining

When high dextran content is a problem in the refining of raw sugar, DEXTRANASE 2F can be added to the remelt stage in the refinery.

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