Women with anemia

Sodium Ferrous Citrate (SFC), the ingredient of Sanferol®, is absorbed well by women with iron deficiency or anemia. Many reports show that SFC is effective for the treatment of anemia not only in non-pregnant women with anemia but also in pregnant and puerperal women with anemia.12)-15) It has also been reported that SFC preparation improved iron deficiency in a pregnant woman with iron deficiency anemia whose hemoglobin level had not increased after administration of other iron preparations such as ferrous fumarate.12) A dairy supplemental dose of SFC improved iron deficiency in young women with iron deficiency.16) In addition, it has been reported that SFC is transferred readily to the fetus through the placenta.15) Thus, Sanferol® is expected to be effective as an iron ingredient in supplements for women with iron deficiency.


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