Introduction of SUGAR ESTERS

Chemical Structure of Sugar Esters
Sucrose fatty acid esters are nonionic surfactants consisting of sucrose as hydrophilic group and fatty acid as lipophilic group, and generally called Sugar Ester.

As sucrose has a total of 8 hydroxyl groups, compounds ranging from sucrose mono to octa fatty acid esters can be produced.

Features of Sugar Esters
  • Being tasteless, odorless and nontoxic, they are the best suited emulsifier for foods.
  • Being non-irritant to the eyes and skin, they are suitable not only for foods but also for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Because of their excellent biodegradability they don't cause environmental pollution.
  • Sugar Esters offer a full range of HLB values from 1 to 16, and in use all grades display exceptionally good surfactant functionality.

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