Sugar Esters are approved food emulsifiers which are composed of sucrose and fatty acids of vegetable origin. MITSUBISHI-Chemical CORPORATION is the world's leading producer of Sugar Esters. The most suitable type of Sugar Ester for sponge cake was carefully selected and blended for RYOTO ESTER SP. Since 1960 bakers in Japan have used RYOTO ESTER SP with great success.
RYOTO ESTER SP provides excellent batter whippability and stability, the crumb texture of the baked cake is fine and soft, the cake keeps its colour and the egg flavour better.
With confidence we can promise you high quality results when making cakes with RYOTO ESTER SP.

Advantages of Ryoto Ester SP
Easy Preparation
One-step mixing means cake-making is very easy, and no special skills are required for success.

Good Batter Stability
The aerated batter stays stable for as long as two or three hours.

Increased Cake Volume
It boosts the volume of cakes by 10 to 20% and gives them finer crumbs and more uniform texture.

Longer Shelf Life
Anti-staling action keeps cake crumbs soft and tasty.
How to Make Sponge Cake with Ryoto Ester SP
The dosage of Ryoto Ester SP is about 2% of the total weight of the flour, eggs, and sugar in the cake.

2.Recipe of basic sponge cakes
IngredientsFlour at 100
Baking Powder(BP)0-20-10-1
Butter or Liquid Oil0-100-30
Flavour EssenceAs required
Ryoto Ester SP enables you to use the "All-in" Method. Also in case of Orthodox Method, you can save mixing time and get more stable foam.

(1) "All-in" Method : Total mixing time is about 5 minutes.
(2) Orthodox Method : Total mixing time is about 15 minutes.
(It takes over 30 minutes without Ryoto Ester SP.)
Because of Ryoto Ester SP's superb rising properties, we recommend that the cake mould is filled with less batter than usual. Bake the contents at approximately 180 to 200 for about 25 to 30 minutes. After baking, the cake crust will appear somewhat hard. It will soften during the next couple of hours of cooling.
Recipe for Butter Cakes
Pound CakeMadeleineBaum Küchen
Milk Powder51010
Baking Powder0-10-10-1
Flavour EssenceAs required

Mistakes to Avoid
  • Overmixing : Do not mix for more than 10 minutes. This will cause the batter to sink.
  • Excessive water will cause the batter to sink.
  • Undermixing : This will keep the cake from rising and will occasionally create lumps in the cake.
  • No warming procedure is necessary during the winter, however, warm water(about 40) must be added instead of cold water.
  • During the summer, viscosity of cake batter may decrease slightly. If so, divide the amount of water in half, adding one half while mixing. you may also want to increase the amount of Ryoto Ester SP somewhat.
  • Underbaking : This will cause the batter to sink and keep the cake from rising completely.
  • Underheated oven : This will keep the cake from rising completely or obtaining its full colour.
  • Overheated oven : This will cause the crust to thicken.

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