SURFHOPE™SE COSME are excellent nonionic emulsifiers marketed by MITSUBISHI-Chemical CORPORATION. They have many applications in the cosmetics and personal care industry. They are generally very mild to humans and the environment.
Type HLB % of named
fatty acid
Ester composition % Form
Mono ester Di, tri, poly ester
Sucrose stearate C-1800 <1 70 0 100 Powder
C-1801 1 70 1 99 Powder
C-1803 3 70 20 80 Powder
C-1805 5 70 30 70 Powder
C-1807 7 70 40 60 Powder
C-1811 11 70 55 45 Powder
C-1816 16 70 75 25 Powder
Sucrose palmitate C-1616 16 80 80 20 Powder
Sucrose myrisate C-1416 16 95 80 20 Powder
Sucrose laurate C-1216 16 95 80 20 Pellet
C-1215L 15 70 70 30 Liquid
Sucrose erucate C-2102 2 90 2 98 Liquid
[Ester Composition and HLB]
[Ester Composition and HLB]
<Hydration> <Fat crystal control>
The affinity of SURFHOPE SE COSME for the water phase in an emulsion is derived from the hydroxyl groups (A) of the sucrose part of the molecule. SURFHOPE SE COSME yield emulsions which are exceptionally heat stable. Since the hydration of hydroxy groups is far stronger than the hydration of ether groups(B) in ethoxylate emulsifiers, SURFHOPE SE COSME are, especially at higher temperatures used in heat stabilization.

Low HLB SURFHOPE SE COSME can modify the crystalline structure of solid triglycerides with useful benefits to the physical properties of the product.
<Oil in water emulsion>
SURFHOPE SE COSME with medium-high hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) value, tend to form liquid crystal structures in aqueous solutions.
SURFHOPE SE COSME very efficiently cover the surface of emulsions because of their compact structure .
Application Kinds of Sugar Ester Suitable Grades
O/W O/W=1/99-50/50
Mixture of Mid to High HLB SE+Low HLB SE
High HLB SE (HLB.11)
C-1816 etc.
C-1216,C-1816,C-1616 etc.
Solubilization O/W<5/95 High HLB SE C-1216,C-1416 etc.
W/O W/O=-99/1 Low HLB unsaturated SE C-2102 etc.
Mid to High HLB SE  C-1616,C-1216 etc.
Dispersion of solid particles particle size<1m
particle size>1m
High HLB SE+hydrocolloids
 C-1816,C-1416,C-1216 etc.
C-1816 etc.+Xanthan etc.
Improvement of fine crystal fine crystal
water absorption
viscosity reduction
Low HLB saturated SE
Low HLB unsaturated SE
Low HLB erucate SE
 C-2102 etc.
Tablet Lubricant
Low to Mid HLB saturated SE
 C-1803F stearate SE
 C-1811,C-1816 etc.
Washing High HLB short chain or unsaturated SE  C-1215L,C-1216 etc.

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