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  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings has a staff of about 5,000 scientists, and has other advanced laboratories in the fields of life science, toxicological and environmental science, and plant breeding.

New and improved food ingredients are part of our joint research and development program.
Company Profile
Company Name : Mitsubishi-Chemical Foods Corporation
Established : 1982
Capital : 500 million yen paid 100% by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Business Contents : (1)Functions as the sales unit for the food-related business of Mitsubishi  Chemical Corporation
(2)Sales of Ryoto™Sugar Ester and Ryoto™Polyglycerol Ester emulsifiers
(3)Manufacture and Sales of Polysaccharide induding Soalocust™ and Soageena™
(4)Sales of sweeteners including Erythritol
(5)Sales of enzyme preparations
(6)Sales of spore forming lactic acid bacteria Lacris™
(7)Sales of natural colorants,anti-oxidants,nutrient enhancement and other food additives
(8)Sales of antibacterial agents Wasaouro™
Net Sales : JPY 28 billion (USD 240 million)
- History
1959 : Launching of sucrose fatty acid esters
1973 : Ryoto Corporation is founded through co-financing by Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo Corporation and Dainippon Seito Corporation. Began operation of sugar ester business,selling surfactants for food products.
1974 : A new plant for the production of sugar esters is constructed at Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation's Yokkaichi Plant.
1982 : Separation of sales division of food ingredients business as "Mitsubishi-Kasei Foods Corp." from Mitsubishi kagaku Corp.
1990 : Sales of Erythritol begun.
1994 : Corporate name is changed to Mitsubishi-kagaku Foods Corporation.
1996 : Representative office is established in Singapore.
1997 : Facilities for increasing production of sugar esters are completed
at Mitsubishi kagaku Corporation's Yokkaichi Plant.
1999 : Sales begun of natural colorants,anti-oxidants and other food additives transferred from Tokyo Tanabe Co.,Ltd.
2003 : Representative office is established in Shanghai.
2004 : Antibacterial agents Wasaouro™ is transferres from Carex Co.,Lts.
2007 : Sales begun of spore forming lactic acid bacteria Lacris™,enzyme
preparations and nutrient enhancement transferred from MFC Lifetech.
2012 : Pinghu Linghua Foods Corporation is founded in China.
2014 : Mitsubishi-kagaku Foods Corporation merged MRC Polysaccharide Co.,Ltd.and begun sales of Polysaccharide.
2016 : Eisai Food & kagaku Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi-kagaku Foods Corporation.
2017 : Corporate name is changed to Mitsubishi-Chemical Foods Corporation.
Mitsubishi-Chemical Foods merged Eisai Food & Chemical Co.,Ltd. and begun to sales of Natural/Synthetic Vitamin E products.
- Directory
Japan : 1-1, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8251, Japan
Tel : [+81] 3-6748-7424
Fax : [+81] 3-3286-2062
Shanghai : Mitsubishi Chemical China Commerce Ltd.
39th Floor,Grand Gateway Office Tower 1,
1 Hongqiao Rd.,Xuhui District,shanghai,china
Tel : [+86] 21-5407-6161
Fax : [+86] 21-5407-6262
Europe : Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH
Willstaetterstr. 30, 40549 Duesseldorf Germany
Tel : [+49] (0) 211-520541-0
Fax : [+49] (0) 211-591272

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